Conti  Tonight invites you into his mad, mad world where “Truth” is his mission and watching Joe get to it half the fun

A huge part of the passion you see with Joe Conti is that Joe remembers a time when our American society worked together in a far more bipartisan. Joe is hoping to bring some of that back in his search to find some common ground. Watching Joe try to get to it is half the fun.

Conti Tonight shows he’s determined to balance the Mainstream Media’s hate narrative with truth and facts. Joe has a smile and great sense of humor on the air, however, he is relentless in his fight to counter all the MSM’s lies and deceptions. Using innuendo just won’t do on Conti Tonight.

Conti Tonight Premiere March 2018  – Wednesday, 7 PM ET right here on Conti Tonight, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, and Twitter.

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Conti Tonight Show joined by the “Ladies” Diamond and Silk – CBS TV Military Analyst and Consultant,  Ret Major. Mike Lyons

Interview with  CBC Radio and Television Military Analyst and Consultant, Retired Major. Mike Lyons

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