Joe Conti


Conti Tonight features spirited debates and powerful analysis with guests from across the political and cultural spectrum. Joe Conti brings his uniquely entertaining style to “Conti Tonight” to address the issues and topics of the day, many of which are not covered by the mainstream media. “Conti Tonight” will relentlessly challenge political correctness and conventional wisdom. Facts will never take a backseat to theories, innuendos or ideologies, from either side of the aisle.

Our mission is to rebut mainstream media bias, false reporting, and misleading headlines with FACTS. This enables listeners to make informed decisions based on facts. Americadeserves nothing less.

Joe Conti has been involved with broadcasting and very active in various charities for quite some time. He is passionate about Police, Firefighter and First-Responder Charities and is an Event Director for the National Police and Fire Games.

He also has an extensive background as a financial professional which has given him first-hand insight into the world of trading, investing, strategy, disciplines, techniques and financial market interactions. Joe is routinely inquired of by thought leaders and various financial professionals on Wall St. to speak and share his insight and expertise. 
Joe Conti is also involved directly with these charities nationwide:

He is an Event Director for the National Police and Fire Games. 

The Firefighter Cancer Support Network – Florida Chapter

Quantum House
Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Benevolent Fund, Inc.
Joe has also appeared on many network television, radio and cable television shows, including ~ NBC Nightly News, CNBC, Forbes, Documentary: “Mathematically Alive.”

Former host of the WDZP Morning Show. (West Palm Beach, FL)

Joe has appeared on network television, radio, cable television shows such as:

CNBC  – Investing

Forbes Magazine – Investing

Electronic Trading Masters” (Secrets From The Pros) by Author, PhD Allen Jan Baird. Joe is featured in the book.

Game Planning: How to harness your trading disciplines. Trading Psychology: Mentally preparing for success.  Disciplines and Trading Rules: Career traders embrace the importance of trading disciplines. Learn why the disciplines you will learn, shouldn’t be compromised.

Joe Conti has also been featured in the documentary “Mathematically Alive”, Directed by Katherine Foronjy and  Joseph Coburn. (Prod. by Vitamin Enriched Inc).

Featured on NBC’s Nightly News with Tom Brokaw